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What we do


Determining GOS in infant formulas

CLF is one of the few laboratories in Europe with the expertise for determination of GOS (galactooliggosaccharides) in infant formulas. Led by food chemist, Nadine Wollnitz, the CLF team has validated and implemented a method for sample preparation for the determination of GOS in the complex matrices of infant food products.

GOS is a water soluble glycoside with prebiotic qualities; it enhances the growth of beneficial bacteria, such as bifido bacteria, in the colon, while suppressing the growth of unwanted bacteria. GOS plays an important role in the development of the immune system and brings infant formulas a step closer to breast milk.

Accurate and reliable results
CLF is a full service laboratory committed to monitoring the quality and safety of food products and their constituent raw materials milk, cereals, fruits and vegetables.