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CLF offers a wide range of consultancy services with the ultimate goal of improving food quality and safety. These services range from customized projects, developing and validating analytical methods to training laboratory staff in specific techniques and methods, and carrying out laboratory audits.


Our dedicated scientists can perform studies to:

  • Verify the safety of your product.
  • Support your claims.
  • Provide your customers with quality products.
  • Develop and validate methods for chemical, physical and microbiological analyses.


Our team is available to help you improve your quality assurance programmes, reduce the risk of product recalls, and provide you with workable solutions to your science-based problems. In addition to food analyses:

  • Advice on developing, validating, and implementing analytical methods.
  • Advice on food chemistry and legal requirements.
  • Expert advice on chemical and microbiological issues.
  • Assessment of microorganisms growth.
  • Special projects such as stability tests, method development and support in the accreditation process.


We provide:

  • Tailor-made laboratory training.
  • Coaching on best laboratory practices.
  • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) training.


CLF plans and implements monitoring programmes for food products and their constituent raw materials because efficient monitoring can help optimize quality control costs. Read more